Canon Vs Kodak printer Issues

Technical issues in the printer are the most annoying things which appear unknowingly in the printer. The issues vary according to the printer. These might be manual issues or software issue.

Issues associated with Canon printer:

Printing Issue - the most prevalent issue that pops up while printing is “blank pages”. These blank pages are the result of driver disfigurement if you have a wi-fi printer. If you do not have a wi-fi printer then the probable case would be Ink cartridge. Running out of ink is another issue that obstructs printer from printing.
Page Delay- After giving the command, pages do not get scanned on proper time. These pages take longer than it required. The number of pages is another factor of delay. If the command is designed for maximum number pages then loading time increases.
Blurred Image- Another factor that generates embarrassment among canon printer is Blurred Image. The genuine reason for this cause might be the low resolution of the Image which you are going to print.
Connection issue- A disruption of the link between the PC and The printer would deny the printer to take any command from your PC. So, it is better to check connectivity before performing any command.
These issues are the excerpt from the all the issues. Persistently occurring of these issues might give you a long term blow. If you are the victim of such issues then Canon printer support number is designed for you to assist you.  
Issues associated with Kodak printer:
Ink cartridge - this is the case of delusion. Sometimes, ink cartridge shows that ink is low, but in reality, it does not always happen. It is not a technical issue, you could solve it manually.
Compatibility- If you are dealing with a problem of printing then take a note that Kodak claims that only Kodak ink cartridges are compatible with Kodak printers. If you go for other ink cartridges then Kodak does not take the responsibility of the compatibility.
Customer support- One of the most problematic issues that Kodak printer users claim is the lack of customer support. This issue causes the customers to rush towards local dealers who could make the scenario more problematic. If you encounter such issues then visit to get all your issues resolved. You could get support numbers for your printer in case you face such problems consistently.   
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